How to Become an EXPLiCIT Member

If you are part of the Caltech community (student, JPL, staff, faculty, alum, or related to any of those), and if you've participated in a show in the past year (i.e. Boldly Go!, any Mach 33 production, or the upcoming Much Ado) then you're eligible to become a member of EXPLiCIT.

If you haven't participated in a show but would like to become a member, please audition or email the officers for opportunities to help with the current show (load in, strike, work calls, etc).

And that's it! You're a member. So now what?

Attend General Body Meetings

At our General Body Meetings we attend to club business, including discussion of upcoming productions and play selection. Meetings are announced on our webpage and over our mailing list.

Help us choose our plays! Here are the ways you can participate:

Submit a play proposal! Do you have a favorite play that would be perfect for EXPLiCIT? Fill out the play proposal form. When we announce the open period for proposal submissions, e-mail us your proposal. All proposed plays (musicals too) must come with a director. If you do not want to direct the play yourself and cannot find a director, please contact the officers - we'll compile a list of people who are interested in the various production management roles at the general body meeting.

Sign up to help us read plays! Once all of the plays are proposed, we need a dedicated team of people to read them and help us narrow the pool down to the 5 top candidates. Let us know if you're interested, and we'll assign you plays from the pool to read and report on (you won't ever be the only person reading a given play).

Participate in the final vote! Each play's proposer will have a chance to promote their play and choose a scene to be read to the group, so that even those who haven't read all 5 will get a sense of the plays. After some discussion, we'll vote - and the winner will be our Spring production!

These activities are reserved for EXPLiCIT members only, so please make sure you're on track with your membership status! You can participate in one or all of them, and you're welcome to propose more than one play if you have many ideas. Thanks, and we hope you'll join us!