Caltech Theater 2018-2019 Schedule


Theater Arts (TACIT) Productions


Avenue Q: Runs two weekends from February 22nd to March 3rd


Avenue Q is an "autobiographical and biographical" coming-of-age parable, addressing and satirizing the issues and anxieties associated with entering adulthood. Its characters lament that as children, they were assured by their parents, and by children's television programs such as PBS's Sesame Street, that they were "special" and "could do anything"; but as adults, they have discovered to their surprise and dismay that in the real world their options are limited, and they are no more "special" than anyone else. The musical is notable for the use of puppets, animated by unconcealed puppeteers, alongside human actors.


A Hollow in the Hills: Runs the weekend of January 18th - 20th


A Hollow in the Hills is a collection of one-act plays based on the short stories of Nathaniel . The pieces share themes of retribution, redemption, guilt, hope, and an overall sentiment of magical realism and allegory. “Poison” takes the viewer to Messina, where a mysterious young woman seems to have poison emanating from her skin. “Roger Malvin’s Burial” looks at the emotional and psychological consequences of a broken promises. “The Wives of the Dead” focuses on two young widows seeking solace in one another.


Unicorn: Runs the weekend of January 18th - 20th


This original show by chemistry graduate student Mark Kozlowski tells the story of a pharmaceutical scientist who discovers a miracle cure, bringing her immense fame and riches. As she becomes more invested in the Silicon Valley lifestyle, her wealth causes her to change and brings pushback as she clings harder onto the drug which changed her life so much.


Auditions for all of the above:
This Saturday 1 PM - 5 PM in Ramo (Avenue Q) and TACIT House (others)

Other EXPLiCIT Events

Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term Summer Term
Puppetry Workshop
Movie Night
2nd Annual Playfest
Full Production
Learn how to operate puppets from a professional in this one time workshop
Date: TBD
EXPLiCIT will show a play adapted to film from TACIT’s large collection.
Date: TBD
Spend one day writing, directing, and performing an original play with others
Date: TBD
EXPLiCIT’s 10th annual summer show. Usually runs early August
Show: TBD