EXPLiCIT Summer Show: The Merry Wives of Windsor

EXPLiCIT announces its Summer show: Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor . A light, accessible and exuberant comedy - The Merry Wives will offer a wealth of good roles as well as great humor, so don't miss out! The production will be directed by Todd Brun, who led up last summer’s production of Major Barbara. We will hold auditions on Saturday and Sunday June 13-14, and Saturday June 20, 1-5 pm in TACIT House at 275 S Hill Ave. Please come by any time during the audition hours. All are welcome--students, staff, JPL, faculty, and the broader Caltech community!

We are looking for both cast and crew: actors, singers, dancers and musicians, stagehands, techies, or anyone who wants to help out and be part of the show! No experience is necessary.

For actors, sides (audition scenes) will be provided; scroll down to view them. Singers can prepare a song, or sing one that we provide. Musicians, dancers, or others with special skills, please come and tell us what you can do!

Callbacks will be held Sunday June 21, 1-5 pm. Performances will be August 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16. For more information, please email explicit@caltech.edu

Cast Breakdown:
Note that the age ranges listed are for the characters, not the actors!

FALSTAFF: Male. Middle-aged or older. Roguish knight from the Henry IV plays -- a charming coward, braggart, thief. Huge in size and appetites. (The actor needn’t be huge; fake stomachs are common in this role!) He tries to woo the wives for love and money, and ends up with the tables turned on him.

MISTRESS FORD: Female. Can be almost any age from 18 to infinity. Teaches both Falstaff and her own jealous husband a lesson through her hijinks.

FORD: Male. Old enough to be married; probably at least as old as Mistress Ford (18 to infinity). Jealous husband.

MISTRESS PAGE: Female. Age 35 - 55. Tries to arrange her daughter’s marriage to Dr Caius while teaching Falstaff a lesson with pranks she devises for herself and Mistress Ford.

PAGE: Male. Age 35 - 65. Mistress Page’s husband; wants their daughter to marry Slender.

MISTRESS QUICKLY: Female. Any age. Talkative, managing housekeeper to Dr Caius who has her finger in every scheme.

PARSON EVANS (SIR HUGH): Male, but could be played by female. Any age. Interfering Welsh parson and secret coward; challenged to a duel by Caius.

DR CAIUS: Male, but could be played by female. Any age. Hot-tempered French doctor who wants to marry Anne, and challenges Evans to a duel.

SHALLOW: Male. Age: middle-aged or older. Self-important country magistrate who doesn’t realize how ignorant he is. Schemes for nephew Slender to marry Anne.

SLENDER: Male, but could be played by female. Age 12 - 30. Young, clueless country fellow. His uncle wants him to marry Anne, but Slender is too shy to speak to women.

HOST(ESS) OF THE GARTER: Male or female; any age. Rollicking, friendly person, the center of action and intrigue; tricks Evans and Caius.

FENTON: Male; 18 - 35. The only aristocratic character in the play! A friend of the Prince of Wales, in love with Anne, but without enough money to please her parents. Speaks verse.

ANNE PAGE: Female; 16 - 25. The heiress everyone wants to marry; in love with Fenton. Not as obedient as she pretends to be. Speaks verse.

BARDOLPH: Male, but could be played by female; any age. Drunkard and follower of Falstaff; becomes a tapster.

PISTOL: Male. Any age. Hot-tempered; gets revenge on Falstaff for being dismissed.

NYM: Male, but could be played by female. Any age. Another follower of Falstaff who gets revenge on him; has peculiar, self-important speech patterns.

SIMPLE: Male or possibly female (could certainly be played by a female). Any age. Servant of Shallow and Slender; very stupid.

WILLIAM PAGE: Male, but could be played by female. Child (6 - 12 or so, but could be played by adult female).

ROBIN: Male, could be played by female. 10 - 22 (probably supposed to be a boy or teenager). Falstaff’s page turned messenger; prefers Mistress Ford.

JOHN RUGBY: Male, could be played by female. Any age. Caius’s ill-treated servant.

JOHN and ROBERT: Male, any age. Tiny roles, but need to carry Falstaff out in a basket! So unless there is tech trickery eliminating the need for actual carrying, will need to be strong, and possibly more than two of them; will probably be doubled with other roles.

Audition sides:

Anne and Slender
Caius and Host
Falstaff monologues
Falstaff and Ford
Fenton monologue
Pistol and Nym
Quickly monologue
Shallow, Evans and Slender
Mistress Page and Mistress Ford

For more information, please email explicit@caltech.edu